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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

I've had a Freerun!!!!

Apart from one brief workywalkies taking Mum into a buman yummyery, I've had the day off! Yayy!

There was all that bag-packing kerfuffle going on this morning so I had to keep out of the way. Dad had disappeared for a brief while leaving Mum to her chores. I was lying on my bed which was OK, but then I heard my fellow floatyboaty dogpal, Bella the Staffie outside. I managed to shove the door open and let myself out to get totally out of Mum's way. Well, it was much more fun playing with Bella than lying there watching Mum! It seems that I did a good job of my stealthy escape; Mum hadn't realised I had gone! My jinglebell on my collar must've stayed silent! Heehee! The fun didn't last all that long though. Dad came back and interfered! It was good little game though! Bella is great fun to play chase with.

All the bags were loaded into the car, then me too. At the first stop, I think I got forgotten! I was left in the car while Mum and Dad went into the huge building where some humans do things to floatyboats. I forgave this error though when we got to the next stop. It was for a freerun! Yippeeeee! A glorious hour or so of romping around a huge field, including a short play with a couple of doggypals.

This all served nicely to prepare me for a snooze in the car driving back to Bournemouth again. So tonight's dinner was back at Granny's flat, after which, I took Dad walkies into town while Mum did more of her chores things. I am now happily reunited with my giant teddy. Happy zzzzzzzes!

Four photos from this morning's freerun in Aldermaston:

1) Close up of my head, mouth open in a happy smile.

2) Running from the distance, ears flapping high, all 4 paws off the grass, tall meadow plants behind.

3) Getting closer - running, mouth open, ears flapping.

4) Almost back for my recall reward! Ears way up in full flap, front paws down, bum up in the air! I just about stopped before crashing into Dad!

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