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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Paw Prints....

Today has been a workyday but it started off with a nice leisurely catch up on weemails in the Clifftop Park. I got to send and receive quite a lot but I'm sure there are still plenty more in the inbox, so I really hope I can persuade Mum to let me deal with them soon.

I took Mum on a lovely workywalkies all the way around the Overcliff route. It was lovely with the fireball in the sky and all the crunchy tree-fur moultings all over the ground. I soooooo wanted to sniff my way through it all but I'm not allowed to when I'm working. Mum keeps reminding me 'Head up. Do your job'. If I work well enough on my 'I need a busy' pleading though, she sometimes gets the message and gives me a bit of a chance to sniff about. I have to make sure I do 'get busy' though, otherwise she calls me a fraud and we have to 'get on'. Huff!

Dad picked us up in the car and we went to a place called Poole. I had to work quite hard guiding Mum through all the crowded shoppyplaces. We went into an indoor shoppyplace and she said 'Find Boots'. Not only did I take her straight to Boots, but in the door and up the stairs to the humanvet place there! I think she was a bit impressed with me! Heehee!

We were taken into a room by a nice lady called Kara, who sat down on the floor in front of Mum, who had to sit in a big lifty-uppy chair. It seems that Kara hadn't got on the floor for my benefit. I had to lie down! Oops! Well, it was nice to get a bit of a fuss at my level and it did make her mouth go up at the sides!

Kara did some things to Mum's back paws - she prodded them with her paw-pointers, then she used a funny bonestick with a tail attached to a window and clicketybox thing. Mum said this was a scanner. I checked that it didn't seem to be hurting Mum so I settled down for a nap. I am not sure what all of the things were that Kara did to Mum's paws but it all seemed OK. The last bit was odd though: she went out of the room and came back with some flat pink oblong things. She then pushed Mum's paws into them and, when Mum took her paws back out again, there was a shape of it left in the pink stuff! Mum says this is all to help make her paws less ouchy when the new insoles for her pawcovers are made using these 'impressions'. I don't have a clue what this means but I am hoping it will mean more walkies.......

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