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Friday, 4 November 2016

Lazy Day and Wusses....

A very relaxing day off today! Thanks Mum.

Papa and Uncle John and Aunty Judy all came this morning. It seems that the plan to all take a walkies down Middle Chine and along the pawmenade was a bit scuppered by the leaky sky. Dad, Uncle John and Aunty Judy wussed out of it and stayed in the dry. I just took Papa and Mum out instead. We got a tad soggy but it was a nice outing. Papa did my job looking after Mum, although, I still did my bit, even without my harness. I still led her to the right place to cross the road and steered her around an overhanging tree.

When we were well and truly soggied, we went into a human yummyery at the bottom of Durley Chine. The wusses then joined us. I like that yummyery - it made me sing today! There were doggy pals in there with their humans. Apparently it is a dog-friendly café. I got to meet and greet a rather handsome flat-coated retriever, a little pompom-pooch and a huge Collie x GSD puppy. We weren't allowed to do anything more exciting than sniff and greet and then sit under our respective tables. That is why we started to sing to each other. It seems the workypeople in the café thought this was a lovely song and they came to listen - and they gave us lovely ear-rubs and fusses as a reward for our performances!

The rest of the day has been taken up with some very serious work on a rather scrumptious bone! Then a nice leisurely walkies with Dad this evening.

Now, bags seem to be getting packed again - I guess that means we are heading off back to our floatyboatyhome tomorrow......

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