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Thursday, 17 November 2016

Dad is Pretending to be a Dog.....

Daddy keeps barking! He really sounds like a dog! His yacking sounds like he is growling! That couple with Mum having very ouchy eyes today means I have had a day of working hard but also quite a lot of snoozing too.

I workywalkied Mum into town this morning and we met Dad there in a talkybone shop. Mum was checking out a tippetytappety thing but it seems it is not the one she needs so we left after a bit of yacketying and a nice fuss from the manhuman there. I then had to do my stuff taking Mum and Dad around to the other side of town to the shinydisks place where Dad just handed over some flappysheets to the lady in a box who thumped them and gave them back. Next stop was a shop full of all sorts of little shiny things. Mum and Dad both removed collars from their pawpointers and handed them to the nice ladyhuman. It seems she is going to do things to those pawpointercollars so I will have to workywalkies there again sometime soon. We got ever so soggy walking back through town; the sky sprung a mega bad leak. I had to stop a few times for a good shake. It was good to 'find Boots' and go inside to get Dad some antibark sweets.

A ride in the car gave me chance to dry off before my next job. This was only a very short walk into a building and up stairs. I may have got a tad enthusiastic climbing these stairs. I may have pulled Mum up just a bit quicker than she really wanted to go and I may just have skidded a bit on the slippery floor when she didn't keep up with me. Ooops! Well, I know where I was going and I knew there was a doggy buddy to meet and greet when we got there. Little Eddie the spaniel is always there! We only get to sniff greet, but it is still exciting to find a doggy pal when I am working!

I had to snooze again while Mum and Dad did a whole load of yacketying with Sally, Eddie's ladyhuman. I heard Granny mentioned along with things like 'estate' and 'tax' and ...... I dozed off!

Next stop, after a splosh through some puddles, was human yummyery where the nice ladyhuman offered to bring me a sausage. I liked her. I wasn't so keen on Mum though when she said I couldn't have it! Hufff! She said some nonsense about Guide Dogs not being supposed to have human food, and some other nonsense about my stinky bum when I have some things! How very rude!

I've just taken Dad for a nice wolkies for the fresh air he said he needed. Now he seems to be the froth tub.....I'm keeping well away!

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