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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

What is going on????

What a mega-day!

I don't think Dad wanted to let me out for my morning wee today. What a wuss. Tiny bit of rain, that's all it was! Didn't bother me.

Finally, he took me out, made his hot brown drink and my starvation alleviation, and went to bed. When he got up - well, I just had to take over. Mum hadn't warmed her side of the bed up, so it was my duty to do it for her.

Dad just went on clickertyfingersing and being boring, so I just went into sleep mode. As soon as he said "right", I was there like a shot. No idea what was happening, but it had to be something good. Please.....

Eventually, after a lot of faffing - why can't you humans just go out? What is it with all these paw covers, fur-substitutes, packing bags.... We dogs just go. Always ready - Dad was FINALLY ready to take me out.

Straight into the car. HUFF. THAT wasn't my plan. I wanted walkies. But no, we went to Sainbury's. DAD TOOK ME SHOPPING! Huff! Then, it was back in the car for a loooonnng drive. Dad parked the car, and let me out, gathered together ALLLLLLL the stuff in the car, and FINALLY I got my walkies. I registered my protest by watering all the trees I could!

After a good long walk, I knew where we were. Mum's humanvetkennelblockthingy!!! But, we went to yet another different room in this big building. Finally, we turned a corner, and I just squeaked with excitement, I couldn't help myself! There was my Mum! In the wrong bed, but it was my Mum. I may, ahem, oops, have just got a tad overexcited. But, she needed greeting. I greeted her! Good and proper. And the lady opposite.

Mum and Dad were yackettying for aaaaages, so I settled down. Eventually, Dad took me back to our floatyboatyhome. He had his dinner. I had to give him one of my bestest stares to get mine. I think he forgot me.

Then, back in the car AGAIN. Aaaaallllll the way back to Bournemouth. At least I got a decent walkies when we got here. What IS going on?????

Dad. I am keeping Mum's half of the bed warm, LEAVE ME ALONE!

I think Mum was a tad pleased to see me too!

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