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Monday, 14 November 2016

I've Been to Kennel Woof!!!!

Workywalkies. Train. Another train. Workywalkies. Bus. Workywalkies. A very brief freerun (including a delectable roll about on the soggy grass - just right for sorting out Mum's grooming!). Then...... yackety-yackety-yackety-yack-yack-yackety-yack..........and....... the whole journey thing in reverse, except with extra workywalkies in the dark instead of the freerun bit.

Apparently, the place we went to was called something like Kennel Woof. It was near Leamington Spa, which is the centre of the universe to us Guide Dogs and where we are all made (when our doggydaddies get to 'play' with our doggymummies).

It was another of those meeting things where I have to guide Mum onto a highfloor and Mum and Dad do their yacketying into a lollipop, in front of a whole lot of humans. I thought I would give the humans my best view while I was up there but Mum made me turn over again. She said they wouldn't want a display of my full glory!

I got to practice a bit more of my new trick of 'find the button, hup-touch' for Mum. In a completely new place, and in the dark, Mum was super pleased with me for this. I was, of course, glad to earn my yummies!

I got my picnic dinner at the train station. Then I spotted a puppy. I just couldn't contain my excitement! A whole long, big, loud sentence of huge woofs and squeaks escaped me! I rather think Mum was a bit stunned at me! Oops! But little six-month-old Ripley the cockapoo was just soooooo exciting to see! I just had to say hello! We didn't get to do any more than meet n greet n kanoodle, but we did succeed in getting our leads in a superb tangle! Heehee!

Then, after we got off the train back here in Newbury, I met Ralph. He is a fellow black labrador that I had a fantabulous playtime with a while back and it was great to meet up again. Of course, as I was in harness, we couldn't play tonight, but it was great to greet. I had to work hard guiding Mum back home in the dark, but I think I heard some mention of getting together sometime soon - and Greenham Common was another mention I am sure I heard too......

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