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Thursday, 3 November 2016

A Big Day in the Big City!

Trains. Big red buses. Crazy crowded pavements. Scary busy roads. Lots of legs to weave around......Yep! We've been to that London place again! I like a good challenging workywalkies. I certainly had a day of those today! I must've did it good; I got a big chewbar when we got back to Granny's!

We went to a hugenormous building where we found lots of people in a huge room, all wearing smart fursubstitutes And sitting on rows and rows of chairs. At the front was a highfloor with manhumans yacketying into lollipops. After a bit of a liedown on the carpet at the back, I had to guide Mum and Dad to the front and upsteps onto the highfloor. Mum and Dad then did the yackety lollipop thing. Afterwards everyone banged their front paws together so I stood up and took a bow!

Next stop was a room next door where Mum and Dad, along with the other humans had some of that hot brown water they all like to drink from those strange little bowls with a loop on. I got a little treat of a slice of what Mum was munching. She said it was melon. I thought it was seriously yummy! I tried to burn her with my gaze to get some more but she was mean, saying that one bit was reward enough for being good. Huff! I'm sure I was much gooder than that!

We left that mahoosive building and set off on our way back again. This started with a workywalkies to find a bus stop. Now, it just happened that I managed to need a wee just as we found the entrance to a giganticnormous park! Well, that was an amazing coincidence wasn't it?! Heehee! Mum says it was called Hyde Park. It didn't get to hide from me! That brief freerun was just fantabulous! The bestest bit was after Dad made me sit and pose in amongst all the crunchy treefur that had moulted onto the ground. I found a super-whizzy little Jack Russell Terror buddy to play chase with! Wow! He was fast! I had to sprint my craziest zoomies to keep just ahead of him! Woohoo! It was great!

When the funtime was over and my harness went back on to finish finding the bus stop, I was kinda glad to lie down on the bus. Poor Mum and Dad had to stay standing all the way though. I did lie on the back paws of the ladies who were in the seats that Mum n Dad would have sat in. I wondered if it might make them move but it seems they appreciated my warmth!

Instead of changing to another bus, we walked the rest if the way, so I really got to strut my stuff on those super crowded pavements. I really enjoyed that - especially the bit over the big wide canal. I stopped a couple of times and, while Dad did his one-eyed-clickybox stuff, I got to stick my nose right through the holes in the cage-side and watch all the floatyboats go underneath us.

The train ride home seemed to go on forever but I took advantage by getting in some snoozing under the table. We then workywalkiesded around part of Bournemouth before getting on a very bumpy bus for the final bit of the journey. Then it was just a short workywalkies back to Granny's flat.

Now, if you will excuse me, having munched my chewbar, washed it down with a nice long drink, I am very ready to warm up the sofa with Mum!

Mum and me with the very kind senior manhuman who helped us find our way out of the huge train kennel in London.

Mum and me outside the hugenormous building that we went into. A manhuman wearing a long black fursubstitute and black upside-down deep bowl in his head stood with us for this photo before taking us inside.

Mum and me up on the highfloor. There is a manhuman standing to one side yacketying into a little lollipop. Behind us is a lightypicture of us with some squiggles that apparently say 'The Blind Boater'.

Me lying down in the crunchy treefur that is all over the ground.

Me sitting, smiling, in the crunchy treefur that is all over the ground.

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