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Sunday, 13 November 2016

Never too Old to Learn....

I'm liking this learning malarkey! It is yummy!

Lots of workywalkies today including lots of crossings. Most of those crossings have been 'Find the button' crossings, then 'Hup. Touch the button'. Touch the button = treat in Mum's paw! Yayy!

These button crossings all look the same to most people, but they have the button-box in different places. Sometimes on the left, sometimes on the right, sometimes both sides, and sometimes back from the kerb. Because Mum can't see very much around the edges she sometimes finds it hard to locate the button-box, especially when it is not where she expects it to be, and especially too on one of her bad eyes days. That's why she wants me to find the button for her.

After church, I had to guide Mum back through town while Dad took his dumdumdum noise box in the car back to home. As we were going through town there was a group of humans coming up the road. One of them was barking really loudly and they were all stomping their very angry-sounding back paws hard on the ground as they walked. Every single paw was stomping at exactly the same moment, and they were all in lines. They were mega scary! I tried very hard to run away but Mum told me to sit. I did as I was told but I just couldn't make my bum stay down. It sprang straight back up again and I tried to hide behind Mum instead. Once they had gone past I had a sudden and very urgent need for a gutter! I felt better after that and we carried on through town.

I took Mum in and around a couple of shops including one where she bought some new pawcovers. I hope that means more walkies!

All that hard work meant I was ready for a good Sunday bone munching session, and I even almost enjoyed a bit of a pampering session when Mum attacked me with my grooming kit!

Photo shows my new trick: Me standing up on my hind legs with my front paws on the button-box at a crossing. Mum is beside me giving me my little yummy.

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