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Monday, 7 November 2016

Chilly Workywalkies.......

This morning I took Daddy walkies. Well....I suppose he took me first - I might be clever but my paws can't reach those sticks on the floor of the car, so he had to do the driving bit. We went to a place where we have moored several times before. We enjoyed a lovely walkies along the towpath. Then, while he was doing his one-eyed clickybox thing, I got on with a bit of the much more serious business of a play with a Staffie named Stella.

Back home again for a very brief warm up before I then took Mum workywalkies (Dad came too) through Newbury to a human yummyery. There we met some humanpals; fellow floatyboaty people. Of course, that meant I had to snooze on the carpet for aaaaages while they all did the inevitable noshing and yackety-yacking. I did get some nice fusses from various admirers though - always welcome! On the way out, I got another admiring fuss from a very wobbly manhuman who talked all blurred!

The workywalkies home was via Sainsbury's. Mum did something very odd there: she gave the checkout ladyhuman a fursubstitute thing! The very same one she bought yesterday. Then I had to guide her around all the rails of fur substitutes again where she then picked up a different version of the same thing (fursubstitute that she puts on her back legs). Back again at the checkout, she put the new version in her bag and some twiddling went on with some little plastic rectangles. Most baffling but it got me yet more admiring fusses so all worthwhile.

Now, after a very chilly workywalkies back again, it is good to snuggle cosy in our floatyboatyhome.

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