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Monday, 19 October 2015

Weemail Time!

I rather like this mooring! No roads means no lead when I go out for a wee! That means extra weemail opportunities - both sending and receiving!

We are in the same place we were when Andy and Roly came to play (with my first Mummy and Daddy - Sue and Mike, my PuppyWalkers). It was MUCH more fun with a playmate of course, but it is nice today too. I haven't had to work today coz Mum has been fully occupied with choppy-slicy-stirry-sizzly stuff. I did help to work one lock, but couldn't help with the other one; I couldn't walk in the nasty landing stage. It was made of lots of rectangular holes with the angry sloshy water underneath. Those rectangles hurtied my paws! I tried going down on my elbows and walking all lowdown but it was too scary and ouchy.

So I turned around and got back on the boat. I then sang to Mum from there while she felt her way up the steps to do the windy-uppy-windy-downy-pushy-pully stuff. Then, when the boat got high enough in the lock, I was able to jump ashore and run the help Mum. As soon as I got to the big beam where Mum was waiting for the water to get higher in the lock, I spotted two big evil white monsters. They were on the bank on the other side of the lock. I rushed across the plank on the lock gates and gave them a good shouting at! They fluffed up their huge white flappers, hissed at me and sploshed into the water. That told em! I didn't want them hissing at my Mum!

Curiously though, Mum didn't seem entirely grateful for my heroics! She told me I was a bully! That they weren't doing anything to invite my wrath. I dispute that! Just being there was quite enough to invite my wrath!

The rest of the day has been wonderfully relaxed. Human friends came. Pete and Heather are nice. They saved me from the hissing furballs that used to torment me when we lived in our house. They kept them so they didn't come with us onto the boat! Phew! I am sure Pete and Heather have saved me from many more bloody noses! I also like them because they let me take them, and Mum & Dad on a freerun around the area beside where we're moored.

Now..... That's Dad satisfactorily evicted from my sofa...... So ...... Time for night-nights methinks!

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