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Tuesday, 27 October 2015


Well! That was sneaky! I set off this morning, first of all for a nice wander around the big puddle, then Mum harnessed me up and we set off, with Dad, for a nice steady walk along the towpath to Morrison's again. I thought it was just a normal, everyday stroll. Oh no! When we got to Morrisons, a lady appeared behind us. She was a Guide Dogs lady. A Mobility Instructor! Otherwise known as an Obey Me Or Else (OMOE)! I didn't know I was under scrutiny! OMOE had been following us all the way! Watching my every move! She spotted me trying to have a sneaky sniff from time to time. She spotted me trying to snaffle a snack. She spotted me pulling to greet a fellow guide dog we met along the way. She spotted me reading and leaving weemails.
Having said all that, she also noted that I was a good boy. That I stopped at kerbs for Mum, that I guided her around obstacles, that I took her to the crossing places, that I stopped at the stripey road crossings in the car park.
She declared me a good guide dog! Yayyyyyy! She did seem to do a lot of yacketying with Mum and Dad though and, from what I heard, it seems she was giving them some tips, ideas and instructions to 'deal' with my 'not-so-good' bits! Gulp! I think there were things like 'stop and sit' and 'short lead' mentioned in connection with rushing to greet other dogs. Hmmm! Not too sure I like the sound of that. Mind you...there was also mention of treats and rewards..... That bit I do like the sound of!
She was a very nice OMOE. She made a nice fuss of me before she left. She also gave Mum a new handle so I now have a smart one on my smart harness and a scruffy one on my scruffy lock-working harness. I heard new jingle bells too so I think I will now have a new shiny one of those on both my working collars, as well as my play collar. This is just like I used to have before they broke and lost their dingaling!
The rest of the day has been spent snoozing off the hard work of this morning, followed by a nice leisurely walk along the towpath this evening.

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