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Saturday, 10 October 2015

MegaWalk 2nd Leg Day Seven: Fobney Lock to Reading

2.7 miles, 2 locks.
WE DID IT! We finished!
This last day of the walk has been THE BESTEST! It started with with a fantabulous surprise! My first Mummy and Daddy, Sue and Mike, my Puppy Walkers came! With Rowley, my old buddy Springer Spaniel, and Andy, the Guide Dog Puppy! We had a riot of a time on the towpath this morning, Andy fell into the canal, and we just generally chased and chewed and rolled and chased again! Wayyhayy! It was fun!
Then came the serious bit, when Mum harnessed me up. I had to show Andy what he will soon have to start doing. We walked the 2.7miles along the towpath together. It was fab to have company on the walk. Then, while we're working the final lock of the whole journey, Mum disappeared inside the boat and came back wearing different fur substitutes. She said something about not liking wearing goose poo!
We then left Dad to take the boat to find a mooring and we all walked into town. There, we met loads of other Guide Dogs and their humans. After a little walk to find a hot brown drink place for humans, and a chance for Andy and I to do some serious kanoodling on the pavement, we then spent the rest of the day in town. Dad rejoined us and helped Mum with collecting lots of shiny disks and flappy rectangles in a big bucket. All I had to do was be fussed and loved and admired by gazillions of humans! Such a chore! Of course, it had to be my irresistible gorgeousness that helped to get all the shinies and flappies!
Sue, Mike and Andy went off somewhere else up the street to do the same, but we did get a few more opportunities, on and off, for more kanoodles. Humans seem to find it highly amusing when we chew each other's ears and sing to each other!
After a long hard day of such admiration, we were both starving - and our dinners were late! Such neglect we suffer! We just about managed to survive long enough to make it back to the boat for our well earned meals, then we were off again. This time to a human yummies place. By this time we were both absolutely pooped so quite happy to snooze while the humans ate and yackety-yacked!
All too soon it all came to an end though, and we had to say our goodbyes. But not before a final kanoodling session on the towpath beside the boat.
Now, some serious sofa snuggles time is needed. We did it! Mum and I have walked the length of the Kennet and Avon Canal! All 75 miles and 99 locks of it! Whew! Mum, when do we start the walk back?........


  1. Congratulations to you all - a tremendous achievement. What comes next? Love Jennie, Chris and BC Monty xx

    1. Thanks All!

      We will be back at the Aldermaston Tea Rooms on 30 October - THEN, maybe, I can get some peace.......