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Monday, 5 October 2015

MegaWalk 2nd Leg Day Two: Newbury to Thatcham

3 miles, 5 locks, 2 swingbridges

Mum says that today's bit of MegaWalk was more of a soggy Megaplod! The sky leaked on us ALL the way! I don't like working when the sky is leaking! Apart from getting all soggy, it is lonely because nobody else is daft enough to be out! Today was no exception. We only met two other humans along the way. They each had a dog with them, but it was too yucky for anything more than a quick sniffygreeting.
Mum kept calling me 'Ploddypaws' and telling me to 'huppup' and 'letsgo' and 'come onnnnnn'. She muttered stuff about me being perfectly happy to get soggy when she doesn't want me to - like when on a freerun and the river lures me in.....she just doesn't understand! That is a completely different kind of wet! That is fun wet! Working wet is just NOT fun at all!
I did have an interesting little encounter along the way today. I got screamed at by a little squeaky toy! Mum said it was a waterbowl. I don't think I would have got much of a drink out of it though! It was little and furry-brown with a stubby tail and little round ears. It scurried across the towpath in front of me and then just stopped under a big leaf. I dived across Mum to investigate (oops! Sorry Mum for nearly tripping you over!). The little squeaker screamed at me with a really loud high-pitched screech and tried to bit my nose! I managed to duck backwards just in time so it didn't quite get me. Then it went plop into the canal and disappeared. I would have liked to have had a chance to play a bit more but I'm not too sure I want my nose pierced though!
When we moored up, Dad got his one-eyed-clickybox out and clicked it at us so we could show you how soggy we got!
First photo shows Mum and me. Mum's fursubstitute is all dark blue and her head-lid is dripping down her face. The other three photos are of a very soggy me!

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