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Saturday, 31 October 2015

Super Good Boy!

Hmmmm.....perhaps I forgive Whiskery Peter for his lessons yesterday. Mum has been putting them into practice today. At first I was a bit miffed at not getting away with my tricks of pulling her around and ignoring recall. Once I concluded that Mum meant business though, I found that the praise and calmness, plus the extra yummy treats for being good were worth the surrender!
There was plenty of time and opportunity for practice as we covered 9.2miles, 10 locks, 4 swingbridges & 1 liftbridge today. We cruised some of it and walked quite a lot of it. This included a fair amount of narrow towpaths that needed me to practice my 'Go ahead' technique of guiding Mum.
We are now back in Newbury and, once we were all moored up, Mum gave me the biggest carrot she could find - and it was a very big one! A yummy reward for being a super good boy all day!

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