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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Fame Again!

Oooooo! Fame again! Well, apparently that is to come soon.
We have had Dan the One-eyed-whirry-box man and his pal Chris with us all day again today. Mum says it was the final film session for 7 Families. I say it was fun but odd. I really like Dan and I may have greeted him ever-so-slightly overenthusiastically! Oops! The odd bit is because, when he and Chris are pointing their one-eyed-whirrybox at us, we have to keep stopping and starting, then sometimes going back to do it all over again! Weird humans! Never mind. I got to have a good walk, on harness with Mum along the towpath, including doing a heavy swingbridge - and back again. I also got ot hoover some yummy cake crumbs from under the table!
Dan wanted some whirrybox pointing of me playing - well, I most certainly didn't object to that bit! Heehee! It was a good game of ball-launcher fun!
It has all been rounded off nicely with a lovely long walkies along the towpath - just to unwind. Now, Mum seems to have made the sofa bigger by pulling out the bottom section. That means there's oodles of space for sofa-snuggles! Yayy! A perfect end to the day! Well, it would be rude not to accept the offer wouldn't it?!!

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