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Wednesday, 28 October 2015

A Day Out

Surprise surprise! Late last night Rosie and James arrived! Yayyyhayyy! They stayed the night too. That meant I had company in my room for the night! That always makes me a happy boy! And I must admit that I really do rather super love Rosie and James! I mayyyyyy just have got a smidgen carried away with my greetings! Apparently the table-made-into-a-bed wasn't meant for me! Oops!
This morning, I had a super special breakfast - Rosie fed me! Then, after human breakfasts, and a brief wander around the big puddle and back along the towpath, we all got into Rosie's little car, with Dad driving it. Rosie and James were in the back seat and I was in the boot. I sat there for a while watching the world whizz by, then I decided that was enough of the separation, so I climbed over to join Rosie and James. Well, I guessed they wouldn't be with us for long, so I wanted to make sure I got maximum possible time having cuddles! They both shoved as far over as possible to the edges of the seat so I could snuggled down between them! Much better!
We drove for quite a while and eventually stopped in that huge London place. This was an unfamiliar bit of it though. We were at a huuuuuge human vets place, and I had to work hard weaving around gazillions of people, guiding Mum a long way around the place, then up lots of stairs and through lots of corridors and doors. We were there for quite a while, a lot of the time just waiting. I got some lovely fusses from lots of people, so that alleviated boredom!
After all that, we found our way back out again, and to the car, then drove a little more into the town area. After a bit more guiding work through busy streets, we found Debbi! Another mega-waggy-tail reunion! Happy days! This was soon followed by a time of torture/snoozing/hoovering in a human yummies place.
The next bit was good though! We were all walking down the street and I successfully steered Mum into a fabulous shop. It was a pet shop! My strategy worked beautifully! Mum bought me a big bone. However, she told me I couldn't have it until later. I needed to sort out this injustice. I seized my opportunity perfectly: Mum's attention was nicely taken up checking out some collars for Debbi's hissing furballs. Beside me was a big box of irresistables, just waiting for me to make my selection! Well, I just had to didn't I? I managed to get a few moments chewing it before Mum rumbled me! She didn't seem very impressed with my deftness. The shop-man took it off me. He made me 'drop it'. Mum kept saying "I am so sorry" and "how much do I owe you for that?" But the man said "Please don't worry about it". Then he put my selected treat into the bag with my bone. Mum was still saying "Sorry" when we left.
We then said bye-byes to Rosie and James before spending a bit more time in some shops with Debbi. Then the bye-byes time came for her too.
We then headed off in the dark, to the train station and I got my dinner while we waited to get on a train. It was really crowded on the train so Mum and Dad had to stay standing and I had to squish myself against Mum's legs. Eventually though, lots of people got off and we were able to find seats and a bit more space to lie down for me. That was much better.
After a fair while in the train, we then had a little walk begpfore getting on a bus, followed by a good long walk home. As it was completely dark, I had to take super good care of Mum and she was really pleased with me. So pleased in fact that I got my 'stolen' pig's ear to enjoy once we were back aboard the boat. Yummmmmmm yummmm!

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