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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

MegaWalk 2nd Leg Day Three: Thatcham to Woolhampton

3 miles, 3 locks, 2 swingbridges

Only a short walk today so I wanted to make it last. Mum called me Ploddypaws again! She also called me Daisy! That apparently had something to do with my grass munching! Well, it was tasty and I just couldn't resist those long luscious strands.

Just as we were coming to the last stretch of the walk, the blimmin' sky sprung another huge leak. We got soaked again! Huff! Then, once again, Mum and Dad showed their human strangeness; once back aboard the boat, they dealt with the sogginess by getting even more soggy - in the frothy warm rain box! I just don't get it! Me? I had a great towel-rub from Mum then settled down for a snooze leaving them to get on with their oddities!

This evening, we walked the little way to a human yummies place where there was a table set out with loads of delectable smelling stuff. I didn't get to sample much but a couple of dropped morsels helped a little to stop my mouth making the carpet soggy! However, I did get to meet and greet Rolo! He is the red Labrador that I met on yesterday's very soggy MegaWalk. We did try to have a bit of a play but it seems this was not allowed in there! Huff! Maybe one day we will meet up somewhere for a proper good play!

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