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Thursday, 1 October 2015

HUFF! STILL no play on the beach.....

Hmmmm.... Well, I didn't exactly go on strike, but I didn't have to work much today. I didn't exactly get to play on the beach either!

This morning, I took Mum for a walk to the cliff top park. She was quite impressed with me because, even though I wasn't on harness; only lead, I still looked after her and guided her to the right place to cross the road! I got a bit of a freerun in the cliff top park. Some bits of the path and some of the grassy areas there are all prickly. They are covered in long spiky green things and little prickly round balls. Mum says these are from the pine trees and the conker trees. They are ouchy on my paws! Mum laughed at me! She said I was dancing! Huff! I tried very hard to walk without touching the ground, but it didn't work!

Back at Granny's flat, a lady came to visit. I greeted her with my bestest enthusiasm. I even presented her with my new toy! I got banished to the hall! Humph! Apparently this lady was called a silly-sister or something, and she had come to sort out something called Pow-wow-Turney, or something like that. When I had 'calmed down' I was allowed back into the room, but had to lie down. I did......for a while......but I got a bit bored.....so I wandered over to look out of the huge window. It seems that wasn't a good move: these windows are mahoosive! They go right from floor to ceiling, and across the whole width of the room. Hanging by them, there are lots of swinging flappy strips - all joined together at the top and the bottom by bobbly nobbly long whiskers. Well..... Err.....they WERE joined together! Ahem! I .....err....may have just got ever so slightly tangled up in them! Errmmmm.... Dad may just have had to repair them ......just a .... Little bit?...... Oops!

Later, another visitor came. This one was happy for me to greet her. I could smell doggy pal on her! She said she has a collie! She sat on the floor and used her paws to stroke and prod gently at an ouchy on Granny's back paw. I knew I had to keep out of the way while this was going on. I just waited patiently for another fuss when she had finished.

I then helped Mum in the kitchen. She was doing loads of choppy-stirry-sizzly stuff and she dropped a few bits that I had to hoover before she trod on them!

Human yummies done, we all went downstairs and got into the hire car. We found a lovely park and I had a bit of fun while Granny toddled along with her funny blue wheelie-frame thing. I had just discovered a slopy-down-into-the-water bit and enjoyed a little swim when Granny said she didn't like the fuffyair and was too tired. So I had to abandon my swimming fun. We went back to the car, via a slightly extended route for me - to dry off. I did have some fun though running around, having a good roll on the grass, and playing ball with Mum.

So, it was back to Granny's (via a few stops and starts along the way), my dinner time, human yummies time, and then back into the car, along with all our stuff, for the journey home to the boat. I got a bit kerfuffled on the way. I don't think that Mum and Dad were too impressed with my attempts to escape the scary, distressing boot by hopping over onto the back seat! Dad pulled over, I got out for a wee, then I hopped back into the boot. Dad then looped my lead through a ring in the boot - allegedly to tether me in place. Well.......it didn't exactly work....... I still managed to hop over again onto the back seat! I kind of settled down there .....on top of loads of stuff.......not entirely popular it seems! Mum said something about 'leave be for the little bit of journey left tonight' ..... So I got to stay put, but still panted all the way......then I think I heard something about 'ask Guide Dogs lady's advice and help' ......gulp! Ooooh ... Eck.......!

Oh well, we are safely home now and the hotbox is glowing......all cozy and safe. Maybe I can get to swim in the river sometime soon.......

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