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Sunday, 4 October 2015

An Evening Out

Well, it would seem that walking 5 miles is not enough fun for one day!
We went across town to a pub called The Bacon Arms. We met up with a few nice humans and, more importantly, a fellow Guide Dog! Yay! A pal to kanoodle with while all the human yackety-yacking was going on! Henry is a lot bigger than me - a big black, fluffy lab X retriever. I had hoovering competition!
Mum did a load of talkystuff, telling the others all about us and our life on a boat. Henry was much more interesting!
Some shiny disks and some flappy rectangles went into the dog-with-a-hole-in-it's-head-box. Apparently these are important contributions to something called funds. If it's not edible, I cannot begin to work out how it can possibly be at all important!
It was nice to spend the evening with a comrade!

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