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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Overall, a Good Day!

I think I may have learned a valuable lesson today: If I eat lots of the little brown yummy disks that I found in a blue bag lying on the floor by the riverside, Mum and Dad get a bit miffed with me - and with the person who left them lying there, but, when I get home to the boat, I get lots of biccies! Double bonus! Mum said something about chocolate buttons being really bad for me. She then gave me loads of the little black biccies to 'absorb' the chocolate.
I found the yummy disks on the way back from church this morning. Dad thinks they were left by perhaps a fisherman. There was a whole bag of edibles but that was the only thing I got to sample before I got hoiked away!
We had a lovely long walk to and from church this morning. When we arrived, we sat outside for a while because apparently we were a bit early. Once we got inside, I got loads of fusses - that was great, except that I ended up surrounded by mini-humans! There were gazillions of them! Well...... about 6! It was terrifying! All I could manage to do was to roll onto my back and offer them my belly to be tickled! One of the very little ones grabbed my doodah though! That made me jump! The big human in charge of that particular micro-minihuman apologised and moved the offending tinyperson away! Phew! I really don't understand why so many of the other minihumans found it so funny! They giggled something about the baby grabbing Willy. I don't know who Willy is or what he had to do with it all, but that baby sure had a strong grip!
The hoovering duty afterwards made up for it all. I found a lovely big chunk of biscuit on the floor. Well..... I couldn't leave it there for somebody to tread on could I?!!
This afternoon we did something we haven't done much of for a fair while: We cruised - together! All of us aboard the boat! Since we started the MegaWalk we haven't done this. It was great - Mum and I hopped off at each lock and swingbridge to do the windy-uppy-windy-downy-pushy-pully-stuff. That meant that I got to enjoy quite a bit of freedom and relaxation!
A good day overall methinks.

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