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Wednesday, 7 October 2015

MegaWalk 2nd Leg Day Four: Woolhampton to Aldermaston

2 miles, 2 locks, 1 swingbridge, 1 lift bridge
A very sedate walk today. No leaky skies thankfully, but lots of puddles to splosh through in order to guide Mum around them. Mum calls that gallantry....I call it lovely! The swingbridge and the lift bridge were both clicky-whirry-bleepy things, not the usual hefty pushy-pully ones. The lift bridge was a bit scary. Mum used her little shiny jagged stick to click round in the slot, then she pressed buttons. First there was a lot of bleeping and cages came down across the road, then a lot of loud whirring as the whole road lifted up on one side. I joined in with the whirring noise but Mum said I was being a wingebag! She said I sounded like I wanted to be a German Shepherd! Well! Please! I think Labradors are far superior! Why would I want to be ANYTHING else!
My singing did amuse the workymen nearby though!
I missed out on two snacks today because Mum was mean! They were both lying on the towpath and really needed to be tidied up. She said that dead rat and dead hedgehog are not good for me to eat. Well, I think I should be the judge of that! I didn't get the chance though. I wasn't quite deft enough to outwit Mum's anticipation of my ducking towards such morsels! Harrumph!
This afternoon was nice - we spent it in a human yummies place called The Kennet and Avon Canal Trust Tearoom in Aldermaston. Some lovely people came to fuss me. mum says they came to support us on our MegaWalk, but I know they came to fuss me really!
After that, I took Dad for a walk to explore the village area a bit. When we came back, there was a man sitting on a bench beside our boat. He was very sad and had some big bags and things with him. Mum says he was homeless. I just knew he needed a bit of my love so I gave him my waggiest greeting and then went aboard the boat and fetched a toy to share with him. Mum made him a cup of hot brown water and gave him some yummies too. Dad did some yacketying with him, while I wandered around a bit and had a little play with a couple of passing doggy pals. The man then left with all his bags and another cup of hot brown water in his own mug with a lid, plus the bag of yummies Mum had given him. He was nice! He gave me a lovely ear rub!
Yaaaaawn...... It has been another long day of work, admiration and a bit if play.....so.....sofa cuddles time with Mum methinks!

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