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Thursday, 1 October 2015

Still no swimming......

No swim in the river - someone moored a boat in the way! And there were a whole load of big scary white hissing featherballs and their grey not-so-mini-anymore offspring right by the slope into the river. I had to make do with a good paddle in the stream instead. I guess that will have to suffice for today.

That came late this afternoon, after a day of snoozing through looooooooads of human yacketying and yummies. Today's visitors were Art and Evette; friends from church here in Newbury. Loads of yacketying and yummies seem to be compulsory when visitors come.

After they left, I guided Mum around town and then on down the towpath to the big park for a good freerun. On the way there, we met some men who were doing something with the big swingbridge. Apparently it is broken and these men were doing some talkystuff about dealing with all the boats that are trapped because of it. One of them remembered me from when we met him before, at a different broken swingbridge. I got some superb fusses from him and another man there!

After dinner, I took Dad out for a one-eyed-clickybox expedition. When we got back, Mum looked really weird! She had lots of strange shiny crackly flap things on bits of head fur! After a while, she disappeared into the warm-rain froth box. When she came back, the shiny flaps were gone and her head fur is now all different colours! She says it is something to do with Glow-for-guide-dogs-week next week. I hope she isn't planning on making my fur glow blue, pink and purple! I like it shiny black!

Photo of Mum's head fur - sideways on with pink, purple and blue streaks

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