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Sunday, 25 October 2015

Gorgeous Girlie

Today has been soggy outside. So, apart from taking Mum to a little shop this morning, I've had a snugly snoozy day inside! 
The walk to the shop was a good one - we've never been there before. Mum did something on her tippetytap toy (I think she calls it her eye pad, but I never see it on her eyes!) that apparently showed her which way to go. Then we set out around all the puddles and along the very narrow pavement. The shop was tiny and the lady got everything for Mum instead of her having to find it for herself. The lady talked to me too! She said "Well, hello gorgeous girly!" I forgave her such insult when she made a nice fuss of me! 
I've enjoyed a good time gnawing on a marrowbone this afternoon, but I did have to present it to Mum and ask her to get the last bit of marrow out of the middle. My little tongue just won't reach far enough in!
This evening, after watching loads of that noisy flat box thing on the wall, Dad finally accepted my big brown eyed invitation to go out for a stroll and a one-eyed-click box session. I had to do quite a lot of 'sit and wait' practice while we were at the station. Several big noisy long trains came by. The photos are on NB Sola Gratia.

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