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Friday, 9 October 2015

MegaWalk 2nd Leg Day Six: Theale to Fobney Lock

4 miles, 4 locks, 1 swingbridge

The air was all fuzzy when we first set off this morning. That made everything smell different. Not that I got to sniff much of the news - Mum put my dreaded noseband on! Hufffffff! She muttered something about sniffing is NOT part of my job. Well I dispute that vehemently! I think it is very important that I read all the weemails along the way. Surely she needs to know if there is a beastie around? Well.... apparently not! Noseband means I simply can't sniff because Mum has way too much control over my head. I can't even snatch a tasty mouthful of grass as I go past! Harrrrumph!
Oh well, it was a pleasant walk. The fireball was in the sky, the featherballs were all tweeting and twittering and there was quite a lot of squelchy mud to walk through in some places too. Mum's paws were slip-sliding all over the place. I just trotted on with no problem at all. Further proof of the supremacy of four paws

While we were at one of the locks, a little tiny red ball with black dots landed on my nose! It then crawled up my nose and tickled! I tried ever so hard to watch it, but it made my eyes go funny! After it had sat on my noseband for a few moments, it flew away and I missed it when I tried to catch it!
Some of the trees were throwing things at us - some fluttery things of all sorts of shapes and sizes and some round hard things that hurt when they donked me on the noddle! One was a prickly green ball, another was a little shiny brown thing in a green cup. I didn't like walking where all the prickly green balls were - they hurt my paws and made me dance! I don't think that was the most ideal movement for guiding Mum but she laughed at me and we got through it.

Our very first stop this morning was the swingbridge. Mum didn't actually get to press the buttons today because another lady was already there. She was pressing buttons but nothing was happening. Apparently the bridge was broken and it wouldn't close across the canal to allow cars across again. there were lots of cars and vans queued up and I had to guide Mum along the line of them to tell the people inside that the bridge was broken down. All except one said 'thank you' to Mum for letting them know, then they turned around and drove back the way they had come from. One man though was nasty and he shouted at Mum! I gave him my bestest evil glare and a little growl. I wasn't going to let him get away with being horrid to my Mum! My growl must have worked - he turned his big van around and sped off too!

There is a nice big field with a lake in it beside where we have moored up - now I wonder if I can persuade Mum and Dad to let me out to go explore.......Right .... let's give it a try.... chin on lap.....big brown eyes.....a little whimper........

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