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Friday, 23 October 2015

Happy Days!

Woohoohoohoo! Visitors + biccies + freerun + swimming = very very happy Oakley!
We did a little cruise first thing this morning and moored up. My heart sank a little when it seemed that was the end of the day's excitement, such as it was. So I settled down on the back deck for a good sulk. Then I heard the zip go up on the front deck. Visitors arrived! Wonderful visitors! Come-again-please visitors! They brought me a big bag of doggybiccies! Yummmmmm! Their names are Rob and Helen and they are something to do with this thing Mum says is called 7 families. After a bit of inevitable human yackety-yacking, hot brown water and yummies, I heard a magic word: 'Out' and another magic word: 'Walk' !! That made me scoot out from under the table! And it made my tail go a tad berserk too!
Of course, I had to go through the agonising and frustrating wait while all the humans fuffed about putting paw covers and coats on. (I just don't get this palaver. My paws and fur are perfectly adequate as they are. Why can't humans just go as they are too?) anyway, eventually they were ready and, after posing for Dad's one-eyed-clickybox, we finally set off. No harness! Not even a lead! Yippeeeeee! Freerun! And a good longish one at that! Along the towpath, past a couple of locks and through the woods. I found a huuuuuuuuge stick to play with. It was so big I couldn't actually carry it until I broke a big bit off. I felt I had to entertain everyone! It worked! They all laughed at me trying to run with half a tree in my mouth! It was a good game but I left it at the second lock so I could enjoy a bit more running and sniffing. I picked it up again on the way back though and resumed the fun!
There were a few places where the canal bank sloped down to the water and dragged me in for a paddle and a swim! There is no resisting the pull of such places! The water just won't let me go on by without going in! I got in a couple of good showers of the humans when I did big shakes. Heeheehee! Always a bonus!

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