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Saturday, 17 October 2015

Just call me "Bankfinder.com"!

It seems I have yet another name: 'Smartypants'!

That was what Mum called me this morning as we were walking around a bit of Bournemouth where we've never been before. Dad had given Mum something called directions so he stayed at home with Granny while I took Mum to the shops. It was quite a long walk but we arrived without taking any wrong turns. Once we reached the street where all the shops are, Mum was doing something she calls 'nattering' to me. She thinks I'm not listening. She says she is really only thinking out loud. Well I proved I was listening! She burbled quietly 'Oakie, I need to get some cash out before I can do the shopping. I wonder if there is a bank around here'.

Well, we carried on walking and she was doing her best to look at all the shops as we approached them. It was a 'bad-eyes-day' for her, so she wasn't doing too well at working out what was what. I just carried on doing my job and steering her around all the things she would bump into without me. Then we came to a doorway. I slowed down and hesitated, then looked at Mum and back again at the doorway, asking her if this was where she wanted to go. Then she got the message! It was NatWest Bank! I rather liked the super fuss and kiss she gave me! She told me what a clever boy I am! Well, of course......I know that! But it is nice to have the fact reaffirmed once in a while! Ahem! Haha!

Once the bank bit was done, we headed off further along the street to find a greengrocer followed by a butcher. Both of those shops are torture. The first one had some superbly huge carrots within my reach. Of course I wasn't allowed to select any! I even tried doing my best 'sit' and sweep the floor with my tail when the nice man picked some of the carrots for Mum. It didn't work! The butcher shop was even worse torture. I pressed my nose hard against the little gap in the see-through cabinet. I savoured as much of all those smells as I could but - the smell was all I got! Huff! It's not fair! The man in front of us was buying steak and chicken for his dogs. I want to go and live with him!

Shopping done, it was time to 'find the way back to Granny's'. Of course, I found the way faultlessly. However, Mum then said I was 'Sulky-socks' and 'Ploddypaws'. Well, a genius shouldn't be hurried!

I enjoyed a snooze while Dad took Granny out, and Mum was occupied doing choppy-slicy-sizzly stuff in the kitchen. After all those human yummies had then been eaten (after Dad and Granny came back), we set off to do more shopping - this time in a big shop at Granny pace. I really don't know how Mum has the audacity to call ME Ploddypaws! I don't think Sulky-Socks can be applied to Granny though! Super-Senior-Sandals perhaps?

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