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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Being Good - by Being Naughty!

Today's obedience involved being very naughty! I jumped up onto a table! Ummmmmmm! But Mum told me to! It was for a one-eyed-clickybox-man to do his flashy-clicky thing!
It was at the pub where we went for the relaunch of our MegaWalk. I had to jump up onto the table and then lie down to pose with Mum.

We didn't actually do any MegaWalk today. Mum says we will actually start that tomorrow. We went on a train and then walked to the pub. Mum says we can't take the boat there because a bridge is broken.

We did go for a rather superb walk and freerun though - along a lane with no pavement, then across some huge fields - and all with a couple of doggy pals to run and play with all the way! There was a little brown short-legged senior boy dog called Tecky and a mini Jack Russel called Widget! Tecky was a bit slow and a bit senior for playing, but Widget was great fun to play chase with!

Now I am rather pooped, so, if you don't mind, I'm going to bed. Mum and Dad's bed looks much more comfy than mine.......I think I shall go and try to hide in it so they don't notice......

Two photos - one of me and Mum standing outside the Blue Ball, Kintbury. The other of me lying down on the table. Mum is crouched beside me hugging me and the one-eyed-clickybox-man is pointing his one-eyed-clickybox at us, with a huge picture of Mum and Me projected onto the wall behind us.

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