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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

A Friend called Rupert.

After this morning's battle with the yogurt pot, I had to hoover up the toast that Mum threw on the floor! Soooooo many chores! I needed a snooze after all that hard work, so it was good that Mum and Dad had some clicketyfingersing and talkyboning to do.
Fully rested, I was then able to guide Mum (with Dad as SatNav) on the two mile hike to do some shopping and back. At one point in the shop, Mum and Dad were focused on choosing some meat. If it wasn't for my bloomin' noseband, I could have chosen a huge juicy lump of beef that was right there, by my nose, on the bottom shelf, just begging to leap into my mouth...... But, the blessed noseband won't allow me to open my mouth wide enough to tackle such delights! Huff! It also gives Mum more control over my head so I wasn't able to help a man to clean the floor of a huge puddle of that lovely white stuff that comes in cold bottles. Huff again!
Just as we got back to the lock where the boat is moored, I found a friend. His name was Rupert. He was a huge two year old Gordon Setter. His humans were bringing their boat through the lock and we were allowed a bit of a play! That game of chase was a very welcome end to my hard work!
When the shopping was all unpacked I git a yummy surprise treat: Mum had got me a gloriously fantabulous fresh marrowbone! That kept me happily occupied for the rest of the afternoon. This evening I had to give in though - I just couldn't get that last bit of yummy marrow out of the middle. I had to present it to Mum and ask her to use a shiny flat thing to dig it out for me. She does love me after all!

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