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Tuesday, 27 October 2015

I jingled on the radio!


Coooooeeeee! What a day!
It all started with a very short walk up the road, followed by waiting on the street corner. The air was all fuzzy and the grass was white and crunchy. Then, after a couple of talkybone sessions, a car arrived and we got in. Mum says it was a taxi, I thought it was a car. We rode to a huge house with huge gardens (which I didn't get ot explore! How rude!). We went inside and a man came to meet us. We followed him through lots of doors and corridors and into a little room with lots of techystuff in it. In there, we met another nice man who sat behind all the techystuff wearing big black bowls on his ears and talking into a big red lollipop. Mum and Dad both also had to sit down and talk into lollipops (Mum's was blue and Dad's was yellow). I just settled down for a snooze on the carpet. After all the talkystuff was done, I had to pose for a one-eyed-clickybox session.
Apparently all this was called 'being on the radio'. Well, I don't know what a radio is, but I wasn't aware of being on anything but the floor!
After that, we rode back in the taxi/car (whatever it is called -humans seem to have so many words for the same thing!). We only had a few minutes back at the boat before setting off on a long walk along the towpath and then on busy roads, to go to church. I got a good portion of nice fusses there and a chance to snooze off the long walk while all the human howling and banging and twanging was going on.
The walk back was via a big shop called Morrisons where I had to work hard guiding Mum round all the crouwded aisles and trolleys. Once we got back to the boat I was rather glad that Mum and Dad had left the big bed down for me! (What do you mean, Mum, that it wasn't left like that FOR me? Of course it was! It gets me out of your way while you put all the shopping away!). I do like snoozing on there when they leave it down, not least, coz I can watch out for doggy pals passing by the window!
After a good snooze it was time to take Mum and Dad out again for a very pleasant afternoon wander around the big puddle (apparently it's called a nature reserve) beside our mooring, then along the towpath. I was ready for my dinner after that! In fact, I am sure I was well overdue for my dinner! I think I heard something about the tickydisks being changed - I hope that doesn't mean my dinner will be late everyday from now on!
Now......that bed needs warming up again.......

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