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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Bad Eyes

We've had quite a relaxed, lazy day today. It started with a bit of a lie in. Dad said the numbers on the tickydisk were 9.30 when I squeaked 'I need a wee and I'm starving too'.

Dad then did some sizzly-stirry-yummy-smell-making. On days when we aren't cruising Mum and Dad sometimes don't fold their bed away. Today was one of those days, so, when jDad told me to 'go bed' I gladly obliged! Well, he didn't specify WHICH bed did he?!! The problem with this was that his sizzlying made the loud bleeper go off - and that is right abover Mum and Dad's bed! It scared me and made me run to the other end of the boat and out onto the front deck. Huff! Such a noisy intrusion into my comfy snoozing!

Mum is having a 'bad eyes day' today. That means that she swallows lots of white disks and she is extra messy when she is eating! Whilst I don't wnat her to suffer of course, I can't say I can complan aoubt the messy eating! I rather enjoyed the hoovering duties this morning! Sausage, bacon and toast came my way! Yummmmm! I didn't like the funny little umbrella-shaped slice thing though!

We then went on a lovely relaxed longinsh walk around the nature reserve next to where we are moored, and then along the towpath for a bit of a way. I got to have a bit of a play iwht a big chocolate Labrador who was scared of me, and a gobby couple of little terrier crosses. They weren't allowed off lead though because apparently they do a disappearing act!

Back aboard the boat, Mum and Dad were busy clicketyfingersing while I resumed my occupation of the bed - simply to keep out of hte way of course!

This evening, I took Mum on a bit of a harness walk along the towpath, the opposite way to this morning's route. Shee needed a break and a breath of fresh air. Of course, I was quite happy to help out with that! And I made sure the air was truly fresh when I did a doggy download for her! We didn't go far - maybe a mile or so, but as it was getting dark, Mum really couldn't see anything so I had to work hard for her. She did insist ofn stopping for a while to listen to the clicky-screechy flying things that were whizzing around. That gave me a nice opportunity to have a sniff around for a few moments - to cathc up on all the local weemails!

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