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Monday, 26 October 2015

Favourite Mooring

Yippee! We're back at one of my favourite moorings! The one by the freerun place - the one Mum says is called Fobney Lock Nature Reserve. I like it here! I don't have to wee on lead! I am allowed to just hop off the boat in freedom! I'm hoping I can make maximum use of the freerun opportunities too!
This is all after a day of hard work, guiding Mum along the towpath and working the locks and swingbridges.
I met Rupert again while Mum was pressing buttons to open one of the bridges. Rupert was the big Gordon Setter puppy that I played with a few days ago. Sadly we didn't get to play today. I was on harness and we were right by a road so we had to put up with the limitations of just greeting, then going in opposite directions. It was nice to sniff though!
I also met some nice mini-humans too. There were a couple at our firts lock who made a nice fuss of me, as did their big human Dad. Then there was another mini-human called Kyle who we met at another lock, which was followed immediately by a swingbridge. Kyle helped Mum to do the pushy-pully stuff on the big lock beam, then he pressed the buttons on the swingbridge for Mum. I sang him a song while we waited for all the clunking and whirring to happen with the bridge.

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