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Thursday, 8 October 2015

MegaWalk 2nd Leg Day Five: Aldermaston to Theale

4 miles, 4 locks, 4 swingbridges

Quite a pleasant walk today. The hotball was in the sky. No leakieskies! Yay! No snacks either! Boo! A couple of doggy pals to meet and greet along the way! Yay! A long wait at the squirtysnake point! Boo! All in all though, much better than the last few days.

Mum says we've raised some more funds too and that is what this MegaWalk is all about.

When we moored up this afternoon, the homeless man came along again and Mum made him more hot brown drink and more yummies to take on his way. I like him. His bags smell fascinating too, but Dad told me to 'get that shnozzle out'! Huff!

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