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Monday, 31 July 2017

Hobbly Walking...

Mum's talkybone walkiesrecorder thingy says we have done over 12 miles today! About 4 of them were on the bus, but the rest were workywalkies. Some of it was true workywalkies along all new routes and in places that we have never been before, a few bits were slightly familiar. It was good to be strutting my stuff looking after Mum.

I did get to enjoy freerunning down the towpath beside the gigantic locks here where we are moored, and back up again at the end of our outing. That was nice - just a chance to run and sniff and catch up on some weemail gossip. I think I am learning the local lingo now!

We walked along beside a very busy road to a huge building neat the bottom of a rather huge rock sticking up into the clouds. Mum says this rock is called Ben Nevis and the big building is a whiskerstillery or something. I had to guide Mum up steps and down steps and between some enormous pongy round things, following a crowd of other humans and a manhuman doing loads of yacketying. We also went to an outside bit where there were loads of big round wooden boxes with fat tummies. I gave them a bit of an inspection but wasn't too keen on the smell of them. I tried to leave a much better scent on one of them but Mum told me 'No'! At the end of all the yacketying and going around this place, Mum and Dad both got a tiny drinking bowl with some stinky water stuff in it. Mum let me sniff her one - it made me snort! Yeeeuuuugh!

After that, we walked on further along the busy road and I had my drink from a yummy big puddle. That was much more pleasant and tasty! We were walking along the pavement on the right hand side of the road, which meant I was right next to the kerb. Along came a huge lorry that made a big loud parp noise as it came past me. It scared me and made me jump. This in turn, made Mum jump too and she went splat on the pavement. She got up again and fussed me to tell me she was OK. I was worried about her. She doesn't belong at my height! She pulled up her leg-cover and I kissed her scuffed up knee. She did a bit of a hobbly-walk the rest of the way. She is OK though. Just a bit duffed up, she says.

After a bit more walking, including a brief visit to some strange chunky bits of walls without roof, we stopped and waited for a bus. Mum's paw had told her 'enough'. The bus took us into a town we have walked around once before (Fort William), where we had a bit of a wander around and then went to a shop called Morrisons. We caught the bus back again to the bottom of the huge locks. Then it was a lovely freerun back to our bobbyboat.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have a hurty mummy to snuggle with and there is a perfectly Oakley-sized slot on the sofa with her. I shall leave you with some photos of today's adventure:
Workywalkies along the pavement of the busy road.

Checking out a round wooden barrel standing on its end.

Checking out a whole pile of these round wooden barrels, all lying on their tubby bellies, stacked on top of each other.

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