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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Fizz Pop!

Right! That's it! I'm putting myself up for adoption!

I have worked my paws off for Mum today - about 8 miles worth of workywalkies - to Lidl's, then to the bus, then all around Reading - and back again. I have done loads of 'finds' - 'Find the door', 'Find the loo', 'find a seat', 'find upsteps', 'find downsteps'....... all faultlessly. I have endured the utter boredom of Dad shopping for paw covers. I have tolerated a session in Hobbycraft (well....OK - that came with some megafusses from the ladyworkyhumans in there!), I have put up with a very loud session in the big dark room with strange little yellow blobs with weird eyewindows bouncing all over the big wall - and no little crunchy clouds to make it better! I have spent forever on the bus.......and the reward I got? Dinner 2 hours late and an offer of a drink of water that tickled and popped up my nose!!


Mum bought a bottle of water and offered me a drink in a poobag (she has done this before when she has forgotten to bring along my travel drink bottle-trough thing. That is OK. But the water hissed when she opened it and it really tickled my nose when I went in for a drink! She says it was a blinkie blunder - she got the wrong water! I found a puddle and had a good guzzle from that!

I have just had a nice big carrot......I think I might still love Mummy.......
Mum and me working in Reading town centre - on the bridge over the river, with lots of flowers on top of the railings.

Me taking a power snooze in Decathlon - in the middle of the aisle with all the manhuman's pawcovers.

A snooze is the only way to deal with an hour-and-a-bit on the bus.

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