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Saturday, 22 July 2017

Foreign Parts!

Weemails smell different around here! Mum says it is because they have a Scottish accent! I think I just need oodles of opportunity to sniff and learn this dialect!

It has been quite some day! It all started with a whole new spending area for me as our floatyboatyhome was in a new floatyboatykennelblock. Soon sussed out all that though.

Next came a time of close inspection of Mum's activities. I stayed approximately a nose-length away from her at all times as she went here and there and back again in the boat. She was doing all that 'packing' stuff into wheelie cases, and then doing quite a lot of that peculiar stroking stuff with wet cloth and various other 'domesticals'. Finally, it seemed that all was done and, when Daddy came home from driving his big black bus, I took Mummy away for a workywalkies. We went into town. I got a bit ploddy on the way. Newbury is a tad boring now. We have trudged those streets soooooo many times. When Mum said 'Let's find the bank' it gave me a purpose and made my paws work a tad faster and more enthusiastically. I got a very happy 'Good boy. Good work' from Mummy as soon as I took her inside the bank. My bum may have bounced a little as it hit the floor for my due reward!

Next came workywalkies to the train station. We found Daddy there with all the wheelie cases. A longish train ride took us to that uber-crazy London place. Then we had to find a bus to ride to another train station. Then it was a loooooooooong train ride. I curled up under the table the whole way.

The humans all sound different here. They yack with a funny accent. I don't know if I would understand commands from them! Mum says this is 'Ed in burger. (I wouldn't mind getting my nose in a burger!).

After getting off the train and finding a very welcome tree, we set off into the city. It is all very big and grand here! We didn't have to go far, but it seems we did anyway! We went a way along the big road then turned back and found the humankennelblock right opposite where we started! Oops! The kennel we have is huge! The humanbed is ginormous! (I'm sure it is plenty big enough for three......).

After checking out our kennel, and leaving all the wheeliecases behind there, we set off to explore the streets. I didn't half have to work hard dodging Mummy around all the humanlegs and across loads of crossings, and along lots of streets. I did get a wonderful little freerun in a park in the middle of town. Mum says it is called Princes Park. Well, I am happy to be a prince if it means I can do zoomies around there!

Mummy says I have been her little star today. She is super gooey over me! She even asked me to 'find the shop' (Sainsbury's) where she got me huge juicy carrot! Yummmmmm!

I sense there are more adventures to come but, for now, I am rather in need of my bed...zzzzzzz

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