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Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Party, Party, Party!

Puppy party in a pub! Oodles of kanoodling! My kinda trip to a human yummyery!

I managed to start the day with a fabbydabby collar-testing swim. Yippeeeee! A swim with a fellow labrador - even better! The collar passed the test; I was still able to swim a nice long way to fetch my ball in the river. The collar didn't sink me and it allowed me to get some good bigshakes in all over humans! Heehee!

I then got banished to stay outside of floatyboatyhome to dry. I wasn't allowed in to wash the floor! That was OK. I got my bone to keep me company!

Then, after a groom-attack, it was off for workywalkies to the other side of town. There we found the place Mum says is called the Old London Apprentice pub. I may have sped up a tad when we rounded the corner and I spotted a couple of Guide Dog Puppies going in! It may be argued justifiably that I pulled Mum along rather faster than she is used to! Oops! But I just had to get there very urgently to meet and greet my junior colleagues! Inside we found even more! There was Harley, a working colleague, little Grace pup, little Zac pup, huge Ellis pup and Digger the retired Guide Dog too! Zac and Digger are golden coloured but the rest of us are black. The humans all did an enormous amount of yacketying and yummying and not a dot fell our ways, but we didn't care! We had a bit of a riot between us under the tables. Well.....more of a kanoodling session when we could get away with it......we Guide Dogs do have to try to be 'dignified' in such places. We managed that pretty well really.......but a bit of kanoodling simply has to be done!

Apparently it was all about the pubby people getting going on doing some shinydisks raising to name a puppy Ola. I'm sure Mum got that wrong - I'm sure it should have been all about us pooches.......

Workywalkies home was via Sainsbury's. It was nice and cool in there! Once back home it was lovely to stretch out on the cool floor for a much needed snooze. Then I got a slightly early dinner before going back out again to do our bit on the Bus of Hope again. I get some good ear-rubs from the maximinihumans who come aboard but I was happy to just lie down and snooze most of the time this evening.

Three photos
1 Me at the bar. Ken the manhuman is behind the bar holding a pint glass and asking me which beer I would like. Mum is beside me and I am up on my hind legs, with my paws on the bar placing my order.
2 me and Ellis under the table. Best buddies!
3 a snooze under the table

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