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Monday, 24 July 2017

Clickety-clack. Huffety-chuff. Clickety-clack. Huffety-chuff.......on it went......on and on and on and on......

Apparently, this was all very exciting and super special. All I know is that there was a huge black monster that huffed and puffed and hissed and chuffed, and we spent forever inside the train carriage. I just snoozed it away! Under the table was a good place to be - human back paws make good pillows! Dad was like a humanpuppy! He went berserk with his one-eyed clickybox!

When the huffety-chuff stopped and let us off, we did go workywalkies and explored the town. Apparently it was called Mallaig. It had lots of big floatyboats (not like our floatyboatyhome though). It also had a human yummyery where I hoovered all the little green balls that Mummy managed to drop on the floor - then I got my dinner in my 'picnic bowl'. Another brief workywalkies wander took us back to the huffety-chuff to do the return journey.

I had to wear my 'Dogwarts' bandana. Apparently it was something to do with some dude called Harry Potter and we were on the huffety-chuff that he supposedly rode on - across a huge bridge over a giant puddle...... The bandana is comfy - I can snooze in it - it is OK.......

Mummy said I was a superstar not only for being good all the way on the train, but also for guiding her in yet another new and unknown town. She said I deserved a good 'let off steam' session. So, we stopped on the way back to our kennelblock and I got a wonderful freerun! I met a super playmate - Sula the golden retriever pup. We enjoyed a fantabulous game of chase, roll and chase again up and down the steep hills beside a huge canal. Oooooh! that was good stuff! Uncoiled my springs perfectly!


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