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Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Stinky Liquid!

A brief freerun started the day, then a long twisty-twirly-jerky-joggly car ride took us to the ocean. We waited a while (waiting always includes a good sniff around - right?), and met a fellow black lab for a bit of a meet n greet - with added lead-tangling twirling about!

Then a big floatyboat arrived with a huge mouth that opened onto the slopy-down-to-the-sloshystuff-ramp. Some cars entered the big mouth first, then I had to guide Mum in. The huge mouth closed behind us very soon afterwards. Gulp! I found the 'upsteps' for Mum and led her up there - they were blimmin steep and all see-through rectangles. No problem though, I whizzed up them far quicker than Mum could! She gave several 'Steady' commands!

The upsteps took us to a deck with seats. I found Mum a good seat and then she very kindly removed my bra and noseband. Time to settle down for a bit of a rest. The floatyboat did a huge and very loud bottyburp noise though! How very rude! That disturbed my snooze! The cruise was nice - the hotball was in the sky and it was all calm and smooth - a bit like our canals! When we approached land the huge mouth at the other end of the floatyboat opened and allowed us to walk off onto the slopey-up-ramp.

Apparently we were in a place called the Isle of Mull. It was very colourful! All the buildings are different bright colours. I worked hard guiding Mum all around the town - and that included some mega-steep hills! They were no problem to me but Mum was really really puffy when we got to the top!

One place we went to was called a whiskery-sillyary. There were some very nice workyhumans in there. I got to stay and look after them while Mum and Dad went on a tour - apparently it included lots of walking on those nasty open rectangle floors that hurt paws. I'm glad I got to stay with those nice workyhumans! When Mum and Dad came back, I got to go with them into a little room where a manworkyhuman was doing some yacketying and pouring some very stinky pale-brown water into tiny drinking bowls. A ladyhuman let me sniff at the stuff. It made my nose explode and I had to back away! Euuuuugggghhhhh!

After loads more workywalkies around town, and a bit of a lie down by the table outside a yummyery, while Mum and Dad noshed, I got my picnic tea before getting back on the furryfloatyboat. This cruise was very slightly bumpy but still a pleasant rest time. Then came the return car-ride......I was very glad of a little freerun when we arrived back!


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