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Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Oops. Caught on Camera...

What NO beach? Again! Huffffffffff!

Bournemouth trip again today. A visit to GrannyGrandpa's old flat again. Workywalkies into and around town. That included a bit of a freerun through the clifftop park (lots of weemail gossip to catch up on!). I tried my bestest to direct Mum and Dad to the beach. I tried to get them to follow me down the steps leading from the clifftop down to the pawmenade. They failed to follow my direction. In fact, on one occasion, I had almost made it to the bottom when Mum blew that blimmin whistle! I had to run allllll the way to the top again - just for a tiny little bite of yummy!

As it was rather hot, Mum took pity on me and didn't put my noseband on. (I can only open my mouth a little way to pant when I am wearing it). This meant I did manage to sneak in a few sniffs on the way around town. I can't do that when I am nosebanded coz it gives Mum too much control over my sniffer!

The manhuman at the human yummyery was nice. He brought me a huge tub of water to slosh about. Mum says I was supposed to drink it but it was a good job we were outside. I did quite well in creating a lake around me! It is fun sloshing water about like that. A nice big flat tongue is a very effective paddle! He also threw a yummy on the floor for me. I don't think he meant to. I think it was supposed to be on top of the bowlful that Mum had. It was yummy though - a kind of orangey coloured crispy but squidgy little stick. Mum thinks they are lovely but Dad says he prefers proper chips. I like both!

Photo of me workywalkiesing Mum through Bournemouth town centre. Caught red-nosed mid sniff! Oops!

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