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Saturday, 29 July 2017

Bobby Boat!

New floatyboatyhome! This one is a bobbyboat. It seems to bob about a lot more than our one!

We started off with a car ride to a sort of carkennel place. Then a manhuman got into Dad's seat, Dad got into Mum's seat and Mum joined me in the back. Mr manhuman drove us a little way then we got out with all our wheeliecases and bags, and walked a little way to a buskennel place. A short wait there, then we got onto a big busthing. Dad says it is a coach doing a bus's job. I had to guide Mum up some big steps to get inside. Because of me, Mum and Dad got to sit in the very front seats. That made their mouths go up at the corners! I'm glad to be of such multiple benefit! I got to sneak out into the middle bit as we were going along. That gave me the best view and it turned up the mouthcorners of Mr Driverman. 

It was quite a long drive and it ended for us in a muddy place beside a road in the middle of nowhere. I then had to guide Mummy (and Daddy and all the wheeliecases) along a bit of this road with no pavements, then down into a trackroad which led us to a floatyboatykennel place, and so to our new holibobs home.

This bobbyboat is white and pointyshaped. Nothing like our narrowboat home. I like it: I have a big bed all of my own (with my duvetbed on it), and, when we were bobbing along, we were inside (so didn't get soggy from the leakyskies) and I got to sit up high on a seat with Mummy looking out at the huge water.

This evening, I've taken Daddy out for a long walkies to explore the surrounds. Now it is all cozy snuggly in here so I think I need to check out my sleeping arrangements....

Two photos:
Me lying on the floor in the middle of the coach looking through the windscreen!

Me on the high seat next to Mum on the boat.

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