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Thursday, 6 July 2017


Bleugh! Bleh! Meh!

It all started off great! What better way to start the day than with a good old swimming session. It was a bit miffing when the water swallowed my rope toy and didn't give it back though! I had to go get my floating orange propeller that my PuppyMummySue gave me. I still love that toy for swim-fetch games!

Next, after a bit of drying off time, it was off into town with Mum. This started with a freewalk across the field. Mum was doing that obedience exercises thing again so it was a yummy journey across the field! When we got to the other side of the path, to the bit where humans all covered in white sometimes use a big stick to whack a hard ball about, I needed to stop to download. I found a nicely tucked away location under a tree. (I don't like to make a public show of my performances). While Mum was occupied parcelling up my offering, I wandered around the other side of the white building. I found serious treasure there! Piles and piles of black bags - some ripped and spilling contents. I swear I didn't hear Mum blowing my whistle! She says she blew it hard and lots because she didn't know where I was. She said something about black dog - black bags - blend in.....She did find me though, and she very rudely interrupted my feast!

So, all harnessed up from then on, it was workywalkies into town to Tesco and then the red and white striped yummy shop. Having started the shopping in Tesco, Mum had a bag in her right paw and so had to put my lead into her left paw, along with my harness handle. This meant that she was less able to tug my head up and prevent me doing street cleaning duties. In the short distance from Tesco to the red and white stripes, there was a lot of street cleaning needed. I managed to clean up three or four fairly substantial messy leavings on the pavement.

After the red and white striped yummy shop visit, Mum loaded my bone and the meat she had got into the bottom of her backpack bag, then loaded the Tesco shopping in on top of it. This meant that everything went onto her back and so she had full control of my shnozzle again, with lead in right paw. Harrumph! No more street cleaning.

When we got back to the park on approach to floatyboatyhome, my tummy turned inside out and I left a nasty mess on the grass. Bleugh! Mum says it rather served me right for snaffling all the things I shouldn't snaffle. I didn't get much sympathy! Actually, Mum seemed rather pleased that I had 'got rid' of my snacks. She gave me some black charcoal biccies when we got home. I felt better after that.

I felt loads better when Guide Dog Puppy Spring arrived int he park! I got to have a good play with her. We found a bottle and had a good game of chase with that. She popped inside floatyboatyhome to check out my pad, but didn't stay long. Playing was much more interesting!

Most of the rest of the day has been lazy; just lying around snoozing through the heat. This evening though, my old pal Bess arrived with her humans Henry and Lin. The humans made a smoky huff again with the little blue hot-bowl thing outside. When that stopped huffing I emerged briefly from the safety of the floor under the table. Humans were noshing all the yummies that had been huffed! I stayed out of the way!

I did take Daddy for a quiet walkies this evening. That was welcome. I am OK now but Mum still seems to think my yucckyness was self inflicted!

2 photos of me and Spring playing. 
Beside our floatyboatyhome, where we are facing each other in play.

Sharing a clear plastic bottle.

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