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Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Teddy came calling for me this morning! My little bestie! He is a pocket rocket but I do my bestest to keep up with him! He came to floatyboatyhome and Mum let me out to play! Then Oscar came to join in too! It was the bestest start to the day. Woohoooooo! Mum was glad too because it meant that I was all exercised and ready for the rest of the day.

The rest of the day has been much less fun, but it has been OK.

We went on a long car ride on sloshy roads with big leaky skies. Normally, this makes me all scared and whimpery and distressed in the car, but today, Mum squirted some stuff all over my bed in the car. I gave it a good sniff and I felt all calm and OK.

The car ride took us to GrannyGrandpa's flat in Bournemouth. The flat was all different and strange inside. New carpets to roll on - that got me a great face massage! The walls are now all white with no patternstuff on. No furniture. No stuff. Mum and Dad went around checking everything and then we went upstairs in the magic box that changes the outside when the doors shut and open again. We went into a flat with a nice lady and little minihuman in it. I just got to lie down while the humans did a load of yacketying. Then Sarah and minihuman came back into the magic box with us and it delivered us back to GrannyGrandpa's flat. They came in and had a look around. Of course, there was more yacketying to be done. The minihuman helped me to empty my toybox though! That bit was fun!

The journey home was even more sloshy but another good spraying of that stuff made it all OK. I was really miffed though - Bournemouth ......beach!.......But we didn't go beach! Hooooowwwwwlllllll!

Back in Newbury, we didn't return to floatyboatyhome. First we went to a human yummyery, then to the Bus of Hope. There, I got my picnic dinner before we set off to find all the minihumans and maximinihumans that visit the bus. This evening, they were NOISY! How can such small people make such big noise?! I did get some fusses though. They were nice. Mummy was occupied with making lots and lots and lots of hot brown drink. She also had lots of supplies of something called biscuits. She was a bit messy witht these so I had some rather yummy hoovering to do! A worthwhile chore!

Now, having arrived back at floatyboatyhome very soggy, after teh long walk across the huge field, I had a lovely towelrub session from Mum. Now I am ready to finish the drying process on my bed. Those blue leg-covers that Mum is wearing will dry me well I think........Mum shove over a bit!

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