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Thursday, 20 July 2017


I is one very happy pooch!

I have had the most fantabulous day:

A workywalkies, a long drive - but then the fun began!

We had arrived at the home of my PuppyMummy Sue and PuppyDaddy Mike. As if that in itself wasn't fab enough (they still make my tail go megawaggy), PuppyMummy Sue was holding my 'step Sister' Chrissie in her front paws! She is tiny! She didn't want to stay in front paws for long; there was a great expanse of garden that just needed puppyplaytime going on! It was fantabulous. I think I became a puppy again! 

I did pause just long enough to realise that Papa was there too! It was, of course lovely to see all these humans but Chrissie needed far more of my attention! She has so much to learn at just 8 weeks of age!

Mum was super impressed with me for being super gentle with little Chrissie. I accept the praise of course, but why would I want to be anything else but gentle with her? She is so diddy!
Talking of diddy - after a little while Rosie and little minihuman Hallie arrived too! Chrissie and I did our best to provide plenty of entertainment for all!

Eventually, Chrissie was too tired to play any more and so we all left her to recover from our funtime. We then drove a little further and went to a human yummyery. Now this is where Hallie IS good to be with. She provided plentiful hooverings - a few of those crunchy-squishy yellow sticks, a couple of bits of fish, and a lot of tiny green balls! All absolutely delectable! Well....I really couldn't leave them to get squished into the carpet could I?

Next, we went to Rosie's house for a while where I got to explore the garden and then to snooze awhile through some yacketying and some Hallie-adorations. Then, after I got my dinner there, it was time to say goodbyes. Papa went off in his car and we began the long journey back to floatyboatyhome.

A quick walkies with Daddy to the train-station to collect some little rectangles from a machine was quite enough to uncoil the spings before a very welcome sofasnuggles time.

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