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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Ice Lolly!

A visit to a minihuman training daykennel. Swimming. Ice lolly. Long leisurely workywalkies. A good day!

It all started with a freerun across the full expanse of the fields. Well.....a sort of freerun.....Mum did a lot of that tooting on the whistle and then giving me yummies when I came running to her.....I can cope with this! I did get a brief time of playing chase with another black lab before Mum called me again. Then we got into a big posh car. I had to jump up quite high to get into the boot! The driver was ladyhuman Sue who we have met quite a few times. Mum says she is in charge of all the shinydisks raised for Guide Dogs around this area. She drove us to a little building in the countryside where we met up with Grace the puppyguidedog and her human Jenny. Then we went inside and into a biggish room with lots of minihumans all sitting on the floor. There was some yacketying that went on, then a pose for a one-eyed-clickybox, before going outside for some awesome bellytickles from lots of the minihumans!

When we got back to floatyboatyhome, it was hot. The fireball was burning in the sky so that meant that the only sensible option was a good swim! Heehee! Well.....that's what the river is for isn't it? Then Mum and Dad put the green flappy roof thing up outside the boat and we spent a fair bit of the day under that in the shade it made.

That was when I got the ice lolly Mummy had made for me. It was super yummy! A kind of flat bowl with chunks of carrot and some of my treats in it, all set inside yummy Bovril water. Mummy had kept it inside the very chilly cupboard and it was all crunchy. I had to work hard licking at it to get all the yummies out of it, but it was well worth the hard work!

This evening, after we had all munched our respective dinners (humans take soooooo long to eat!), I got to take Mummy on a lovely long leisurely workywalkies along a stretch of towpath we haven't walked for a very long time. Daddy took us in the car to a bridge where we got out and walked all the way home. It was lovely to be back doing what we do bestest! I remembered it all well; I even remembered to walk on the grass at the side of the narrow bits of track so that Mum could walk on the track without twisting her back paws!

In between all of this, I did have to do some of that obedience practice stuff. I do like all the yummies that are coming with this practice! When I waited outside floatyboat and then rushed in when Mum tooted on the whistle, I even got a good lick of some delectable squirty cheese with little pink fishy bits in it! Now THAT really is worth being good for! Yummmmmmmmsrummmmmm!

Photo of me licking at my ice lolly.

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