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Sunday, 23 July 2017


Cor! I like this kennelblock! Our kennel has a supply of Bonios! Also, there is a pair of resident buddies - two Golden Retrievers! (I haven't met them yet but they sound and smell like potential great playmates!)

This morning, I took Mum and Dad workywalkies through very leaky skies to find their breakfast. Then it was back to pack bags. I then took Daddy walkies again while Mum stayed and looked after all the bags and wheeliecases. Dad and I fetched a posh car. It seems this is our car for a few days! First stop in it was Pets at Home! Yippee ..... or so I thought ..... we did get me some food, so that bit was good but then a nice ladyhuman workyperson was enlisted to fit me with a new and different bra. It seems I now have to wear this in the car - and it gets attached to a tether thing so I can't hop between the boot and the back seat! Hufff! I think I can get used to it though - it seems that I shall be travelling on the back seat (on my bed of course) while all the luggage goes in the boot. This means I get to ride in comfort and I can sit up and watch the world go by the side windows!

We drove forever today - across some very big hills and round some very twisty roads and past some enormous rocks and mahoosive puddles. We stopped a couple of times so I got to sniff about to try to find these haggis things I've been told I need to catch. I didn't find any...... I also got to paddle a little in one of the mahoosive puddles. Mum says they are called lochs-with-an-aitch. They don't have gates or windy-uppy-windy-downy kit on them though.I have no idea what an aitch is! So they are nothing like the locks I am used to! The one I washed my paws in was apparently called Loch Lubnaig.

This evening, after arriving at this BeeanBee kennelblock, we went walkies across the road and then I got a lttle freerun down a path across a field. I then had to guide Mum into a human yummyery. There were some manhumans in there throwing little shinyspike things at a round pad on the wall. I kept out of the way! After that, the freerun continued to another of these locks with no gates. It was good to stretch my legs and relax!

Photo shows me and Mum beside Loch Lubnaig with mountains in the background

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  1. Have a fantastic holiday all three of you. We are looking forward to reading your news each day. Jennie, Chris and Monty x