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Tuesday, 11 July 2017


Woohoo! The bestest start to the day!

My old-time buddy Bess came to visit, that got me the perfect opportunity to do a 'Houdini'. Heehee! (Actually, Mum opened the door so I could barge past her to go greet Bess). I meeted and greeted Bess, but she is a bit old for playing, so I took myself off for a wee (it saved Mum having to come with me!). Then a new buddy arrived and Oh Boy! Did we have fun! Oscar is a fox-red Labrador, 15 months old and a superb sport for running, chasing, rolling, chewing, swimming and ball-games! We had a fandabbydoozee time! Then Poppy came along and joined in too! It was a pawtastic riot!

I was quite glad to then lied down on the grass to dry off while I had a good bone-chomp session.

This afternoon, we set off for a car ride. It took us to a pointy building where we found Debbi and Ryan. Debbi tickled the black and white teeth of a huge black noise box while several other humans did a load of human howling, one tooted on a tootyparpystick, and another used a long thin stick to stroke across a big curvy noise box with long whiskers stretched on it. The humans on the chairs banged their front paws together. I just snoozed - it was super hot in there!

Next, we went to DebbiRyan's house. I aaaalmost caught one of the hissing furballs, but she escaped. I pleaded for the gate to be opened so I could follow but the answer was 'no'! Hufff! I had to content myself with just hoovering up a bit of their food that they so carelessly left on the floor!

I kept safely out of the way when Ryan filled a big black bowl on sticks with black blobs. He made it go all stinky-huffy-puffy! Once that huffy-puppying died down, I ventured out to investigate the yummy smells but the humans had munched all the sausages! Meanie lot!

We are now back home aboard our floatyboatyhome after the car journey and then a workywalkies back through town and along the towpath.

3 photos of this morning's playtime with Oscar
1 - a wide shot of the big park area with us running together
2 and 3 - rolling, ear-chewing and doggy-wrestling


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