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Sunday, 2 July 2017

Kannodling Whilst the Howling Goes On!

Human Howling! Loads of it! That seems to have been the theme for today!

First of all I took Mum and Dad workywalkies to church, via a bit of a play with Poppy (nutty choccy lab) in the park, and ending with a nice cool floor to snooze on while they all howled and yackety-yacked. Then, of course, there was the return workywalkies. That included a meet up with a Miniature Schnauzer called Oscar. His minihuman recognised me from when we went into her school a couple of weeks ago. While the humans did some inevitable yacking, Oscar and I got on with a pretty good game of chase!

A brief time back aboard floatyboatyhome included an attack of the grooming kit. That meant Mum was a meanie and wouldn't let me go join in the fun that a couple of Labrador pals were having sploshing and swimming behind our home. I cried and cried but to no avail. Apparently looking 'smart' was important and soggy wouldn't fit that bill. Huffffffff!

A short time later, we set off again across the field. Again, no chance of swimming or ditch-exploring; Mum had me hooked by the lead! Huffffff again! We went to the car and then had a bit of a ride out into the twisty narrow roads through lots of trees and fields. We stopped when we got into a field. Dad parked the car and I got all excited; I thought we were in a freerun paradise! But I was wrong! On went my harness and into work mode I went. We crossed the field and went into a big building with lots of tables and chairs and a huge array of human yummies. Of course, I didn't get any of those yummies but I did get some Guide Dog Puppy pals to kanoodle with! There was a tiny golden Labrador boy pup called Zack and slightly bigger black Labrador girlie pup Grace too.

There were loads of black fur-substitute-clad humans and they all went up onto a raised floor frame thing. Then they all started howling while a manhuman tickled the black and white teeth on the box-table-thing at the front. By this time, Zack had gone (baby pups are only allowed out for short times at such events), but Grace and I alternated between kanoodling and snoozing through all the human howling and front-paw-banging.

I got a picnic tea in the car before a bit of a game of ball-launcher-fetch and some of that 'obedience training' stuff that Mum seems to be doing with me.

Me and Mini Schnauzer Oscar in the park.

Grace getting some admiration.

Me and Grace lying down at the humanhowling session.

Close up of me with two of the black covered humans sitting beside me (I snuck in a quick kiss to the ladyhuman when she sat down there!).

Me and Mum plus Jennie and Grace up on the raised floor with all the black-covered howlers.

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