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Sunday, 30 July 2017

Tiny Bobbyboat!

Hollibobs = happybobs! I rather like this bit of life!

A lie in (would've gone on for longer if I hadn't squeaked Mum and Dad into wakey-wakies! I needed a weeeeeee.....and my breakfast!).

Lazy time.

Freerun with a little bit of workywalkies built in (just to make sure Mum is still in-practice!). This included a bit of play with a passing pal; Alfie the golden Labrador.

Yummies on the sofa with Mum. (This bobbyboat is tiny so I have to get on the sofa to get out of the way! Heehee! It's so tough being me!)

Towel rub.

Cruising on the high seat on the back deck - with my head out of the window to watch the world go by.

More lazy time......

More sofasnuggles time.......

Photo -
Action shot of me playing chase with Alfie the golden lab.

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