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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

New Kennelblock!

Just a quick update tonight as Mum says we have very little interweb here. Her talkybone won't work at all either.

We have done oooooodles of car-riding today, mainly on twisty-twirly-jiggly-joggly roads up and down and round big lumpy hills. We also went on a tiny little furryboat. It only had room for 6 cars maximum. Actually, there were only two on our trip, plus a few walkyhumans. While we were waiting for it to arrive at the slopydownramp, I took Mummy walkies and spotted a strange dog-with-no-ears in the water. It made me rumble a bit but Mum told me to shush. It had a kind of dog-like little head but a body rather like a huge slug and it bobbed about and then disappeared under the water.

We are now in a new humankennelblock. It is a little one in a place Mum says is called Edinbane, Isle of Skye. One of the workyhumans here is a manhuman we know from Worthing; Dan. We meeted and greeted him and then he took us to our kennel, helped Dad with wheeliebags and then left us to it for a while. I then took Mum and Dad walkies before I got to enjoy a bit of peaceful snooze while they went downstairs to eat with Dan. Dad then needed another walkies to help his dinner down! I was happy to assist!

On the way here, we suddenly stopped at the roadside when Dad spotted a huge home-on-wheels. We all got out of the car and......Oh Joy!....there was Terry and Tracey - humans that we know from Newbury......and, much more importantly......Rusty the Briard and Brodie the rescued hound. It was great to spend a few moments kanoodling with them inside their wheeliehome. They share it with 4 hissing furballs and grey featherball that yacketies like a human! We couldn't stay long because we had to get to destination but they were good moments! It would have been fab to have run and chased and played in all that open countryside but the humans said it was not safe - too rugged and a busy road close by. Huffff!

Now I am struggling to keep my eyelids up. They seem to be very heavy, so I will just leave you with a photo of Mum and me in our new kennel. It shows Mum in pink leg-covers and a top with pink and blue butterflies on, and me standing at the foot of a white covered bed, on a brown squared-patterned carpet.

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