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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Big Leakies.

I sense there is something going on.

We've done a couple of little workywalkies today - the first one just into town to lie under a table while Mum and Dad did a whole load of yacketying with Peter and Lin, humanfriends. They had yummies and hot yuckybrownwaterstuff. The second was into town and then to Lidl's. That was all fine and quite enough in the hot.

Mum seems to be doing some of that peculiar sorting and clearing stuff - including some of what she calls packing....... She has even taken everything out of the chillywhitecupboard and given it all away.

This evening, we went out for our usual Tuesday evening stint on the Bus of Hope. I got oodles of fusses and 'goodbyes' and there seemed to be lots of extra yummies around for the maximinihumans. None of it came my way though. Huff!

On the way back the sky did big leakies. I managed very successfully to sniff lots and lots of little details on the way back home along the towpath. Well.....Mum said she wanted a shower!

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